Hi! I’m Anas Sobhi

I work as a Technical DirectorVideo ProducerInstructor.

I’m Anas Sabahi, and I work in the super cool field of motion graphics as a technical director. I went to Al-Azhar University and studied radio and television. While I was there, I started my own company called Motion Time Studio back in 2016. Since then, I’ve been producing motion graphic films for some of the biggest names in the Middle East, like King Khalid Airport, the Saudi Ministry of Health, and Saudi Telecom Company (STC), to name a few.
I have had the honor of creating several significant awareness-raising works, some of which have been showcased in international forums. For instance, my motion graphics film entitled “The History of the Palestinian Cause and Jerusalem Until Trump’s Decision in 2017” was awarded first place among graduation projects at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Azhar University, during the academic year 2017/2018. This film has since received more than half a million views on YouTube. Additionally, my motion graphics film entitled “A Thousand-Year Journey” highlighted the renovation of Al-Azhar throughout its 1,000-year history. This distinguished film premiered during the opening ceremony of the World Al-Azhar Conference on the Renewal of Islamic Thought in 2020
Anyway, if you’re interested in motion graphics or just want to chat, hit me up!
Anas Sobhi